For The Love Of Change

By Bill Willson

Have you ever experienced the perfect moment, when all was right in your world? Has there ever been a time when everything was so good, so perfect, that you wouldn’t trade the moment for anything in the world? Those moments are so rare; so fleeting, they should be savored, and treasured like precious gold. They are gone so quickly, and along with everything else in the universe, they change in a twinkling of an eye. Change is the eternal constant. The one thing we can count on. It happens, and there is nothing we can do about it. Change is the reality of life. Change is synonymous with progression.

Change is the central- most dynamic of living. Indeed it is an inseparable integral part of living. Without change, life does not exist. A living thing changes with each breath, or infusion of oxygen, or carbon dioxide, depending on whether it is animal or plant. Perhaps the change is imperceptible to the eye, but nevertheless a change occurs, and the living cell is different with each vibrant pulse of the cosmos. As change occurs, growth takes place, knowledge increases, and experience is gained. Humanity has responsibility toward the change that is controllable. Since change cannot be stopped, then we must learn to embrace it, and focus our efforts on

making change positive, and for the betterment of the majority.

When we better ourselves, or some other entity within the realm of our stewardship, we better the universe. If we do harm, or violate natural laws the change we effect is negative, and we destroy ourselves or the thing over which we have control, and the universe is less for our having lived. The essence to positive change, should always be love. Love is the universal answer to all questions, and to the key to progression in life.


By Bill Willson

Is there a creature less fearful

than a little child?

Rushing forward into the future undaunted.

My heart and his, so close

in his first twenty minutes.

Eleven million minutes later, I contemplate.

“Leave me alone!” he says.

The silence is a deafening roar.

Please let him hear me pray.

His young heart so full of love,

would never a lost creature hurt.

Now his silence brings me pain.

Which path will he choose?

Will I ever really know

Until he sets his course?

My flesh and bone, my blood.

The one for whom I pray.

Why must our hearts be separated?

My boy, my only son.

Do I dare hope?

My joy, his life work commenced.

I hope I live to see him hold

his own son in his arms.

And watch him as his hopes unfold.

About bmwillson1936

I was born with writer's DNA, but it receded to the depths of my soul when I encountered the bitter facts of life.Much later after five decades of living I was assigned by my employer to write legal conveyances of land documents, and this drew out my natural love of words and putting ideas into the paper prison. Thus began my quest for publication.The road was long and bumpy, with occasional pitfalls, but I'm staying on until I can no longer put words on the paper that make any sense or serve no valid purpose. Here's to rebirth and the celebration of writing
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