A Life of Meaning; The Meaning of Life.

I do not know what to title this work. It is a collection of writing about human values and ideologies for living.  When I first started writing this, I called it “A Life of Meaning, The Meaning of Life.” As the worked progressed I seemed to be leaning more toward values of life and living.  I want to avoid the medicinal or therapeutic tone for my title; I want the title to draw readers out of curiosity and the work to hold them out of interest.  I think the work does focus more on meanings in a broader sense than one could find in a dictionary or thesaurus.  I want to project the positive values that enrich life and to displace the negative aspects of the slam bang work-a-day world that drives us all insane.

This is a work in progress


The next time you’re out in a crowd look around you.  How many heroes do you see?  This book is about the values in our lives that make humans unique.  It is about the unseen driving force within each of us that make us tick. It’s about values. It’s about why we are all heroes to someone, whether we know it or not. It is about looking at our friends, neighbors, or others, with renewed respect.  It’s about understanding basic morality and ethics. It’s about the difference between making progress, or just getting by.

This work is an attempt to define values in the world around us by examining God’s Laws, along with some material, Psychological, Philosophical, and Religious ideals, encountered in our daily life.  This book deals with virtues on a gut level mentality, not just the ethereal moral fables and fairy tales that were written for children in an attempt to teach them higher standards, by pointing out the difference between right and wrong.  We are all born with an ingrained sense of right and wrong. The problem is our sense of right and wrong seems to fade as we get older, or our standard of living increases.  More is not necessarily better.  We need to look at the basic values and moral issues in a new light.  We need to see them through the windows instead of in the mirrors. Christ and other religious leaders have taught us to be grateful for all we have and to always remember to thank God, the giver of all, for the good in our lives.  They also taught us to love our neighbors.

As we thank God for the great gifts in our lives, do we sometimes overlook the fact that some of these great gifts come through the lives and sacrifices of our family, friends, neighbors, and others in our life.

Of course we recognize the sacrifices of our forefathers, who gave their all that we might have freedom.  We also recognize the sacrifices made by the soldiers who fought in the great wars to safeguard that freedom.  But, do we recognize the everyday sacrifices of the masses around us, when we walk or drive down the road; when we turn on the lights, or turn up the thermostat? Do we remember to thank God for the teachers, police officers, fire fighters and medics that educate us, and safeguard our health, safety, and homes?  Do we appreciate the trains, planes, ships, and trucks, when we go to the supermarket, and see all the goods laid at our feet from all over the world?  Do we recognize all the labor that goes into providing these services, conveniences, and marvels of technology?  Do we appreciate the long hours of backbreaking labor that goes into providing, building, maintaining, and fueling this public infrastructure?

Oh yes, you say, “This is the fruit of people’s labor, which was traded for daily bread.  Why do I need to be grateful for it?”  For the same reason we all feel better about our days work when we see what we’ve accomplished.  We all need recognition and appreciation when we do our jobs well.  We need to overcome the tendency to think that everything is about money, and daily bread.  I think we should regard a person’s time, talent, and honest labor, as a sacrifice, which is laid on the altar of life, in return for blessings, that each of us has a share in.  A part of any blessing is appreciation.  The more it’s appreciated the more we are blessed.

With respect to the wars fought to preserve freedom, do we appreciate or even understand the values that have motivated the unbelievable personal sacrifices made throughout history? I think everyone should at some time in life, stand in the middle of Arlington cemetery and try to comprehend the meaning of all those cold stone crosses that stretch out endlessly. Or take a walk along the massive black marble wall where the names of all who died on the battlefields of Vietnam have their names carved. Try visiting the hallowed ground of Gettysburg, or any hallowed ground which has been consecrated by the blood of brave men for the cause they felt was worth laying down their lives for.  See if you are the same as you walk away as you were when you arrived.

In order to understand better the values that motivated these heroes to pay the ultimate sacrifice for the cause, we must examine the meanings of the words that represent the values. Words are only a set of symbols representing a phonetic sound that humans utter when they wish to convey a certain meaning.  Meanings are constantly changing so we need to get to the ideas behind the meanings at a basic gut level.  For example: Peace, or an absence of war.  In today’s world we say we are enjoying an era of peace.  Who is enjoying peace?  We are!  Who are we? Perhaps we are the super powers of the world? If you look beyond the super powers to the emerging third world cultures you will see that it has been a long time since they have enjoyed any kind of peace.  Are the super powers actually enjoying any real peace. They aren’t really at peace; they just aren’t killing each other as quickly right now. In fact, there hasn’t been one single peaceful day in the entire world since Cain picked up that rock and slew Able.  Right here in America, there are kids who fear for their lives while they are trying to get an education.  There are senior citizens who are afraid to leave their homes for fear of being mugged.  The real meaning of peace is: You are safe from harm, let your soul rest assured that you have no reason to fear forever, for your safety and welfare are secure.  Can anyone afford to rest before that kind of peace is available to all?

It is true we cannot incorporate morality or righteousness, into our law, therefore we must teach values that will promote morality and righteousness in our everyday lives.  We must reinstate and recognize work, courage, honor, respect, truth and many other worthwhile values, in the fiber of our life.  We must learn to recognize all the heroes in our life.  We must find a system of values that will replace the hatred, violence, sloth, fear, deceit, prejudice, lies, and shame, which are permeating the world we live in.

I have long felt that the meaning of life is progression. If we live a life of meaning, we are progressing toward the discovery of the reason for our existence. When we understand why we are here, we are ready to progress forward to a better life.

By exploring the words that define values, and holding them up to the light of truth and knowledge to look at their spiritual and temporal meanings we can gain a greater appreciation of the effect of the value in our own life. This will translate to a greater understanding of the meaning of life and heighten our personal awareness.  My slant in approaching each value will always focus on thankfulness and appreciation for the hand of God and the unrecognized heroes in the enrichment of the world we live in.

I have drawn truth from many places in literature and from life experiences.  I have used scripture generously.  Readers from all faiths should find familiar passages here.  I have also drawn from modern day scripture found in “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”.  I learned long ago that the truth is the truth no mater where you find it.  It is the responsibility of the readers to examine what they read and decide for themselves if it is true.  The tragedy occurs when a sparkling bit of truth gets trampled under foot because it never made it into the closed mind to be examined.  I would invite all that read this to do so with an open mind, and let your own spirit discern the truth from the error.  There is no need to fear the truth.

To be continued

 Some topics addressed in this work. 


The endless cycle.

The nourished MYTHS of the wealthy feed the unfounded FEARS of the poor.  This book is written in hope of leading the reader to the MIDDLE GROUND, which is higher than the alternatives.


Poor people are poor because they are:








Rich people are rich because they:


are unfair



were born that way

victimize poor people

they get all the breaks

the laws are made by them


A safe place to meet and advance the human cause:








recognition of hard work

reverence for knowledge

     In Appreciation of Work

I’m a worker.

My handprints are buried

in your city’s concrete walls.

I’m a clerk.

My sweat gives the musky odor

to silent corporate files.

I’m a surveyor.

My expertise keeps corners true

and lines straight.

I’m a builder.

The towers of commerce were raised

by the strength of my back.

I’m a miner.

Your city lights blaze more brightly

than my dim-lit carbide lamp.

I’m a teamster.

Markets are filled by the life

I spend on endless highways.

I’m a seaman.

Your homes seem exotic

because I long for my own.

I’m an inventor.

You have more time to play

because of my love of it.

I’m a farmer.

Your pantry and cellar are full

because of my  leathery hide.

I’m a rancher.

You have meat in your freezer

because I ride in the roundup.

I’m a nurse.

my tender hands

have cooled your fevered brow.

I’m an author.

What I have written

has touched your mind.

I’m an entertainer.

I’ve lifted your spirit

and etched lines of mirth on your face.

I’m a policeman.

My watchful eyes

keep you safe at night.

I’m a teacher.

My legacy to you

is the wisdom of the future.

I’m a doctor.

My skill and knowledge

preserve your quality of life.

Im a lineman.

Power surges across the countryside

because I toil in heat and cold.

I’m a worker.

Look around you, and appreciate

my Presence in your life.

About bmwillson1936

I was born with writer's DNA, but it receded to the depths of my soul when I encountered the bitter facts of life.Much later after five decades of living I was assigned by my employer to write legal conveyances of land documents, and this drew out my natural love of words and putting ideas into the paper prison. Thus began my quest for publication.The road was long and bumpy, with occasional pitfalls, but I'm staying on until I can no longer put words on the paper that make any sense or serve no valid purpose. Here's to rebirth and the celebration of writing
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