We just moved moved for the umpteenth time, once again to be closer to our family. we only got closer to three fourths of them but at least we are all in the same state for now. I looked back at some of my earlier writing exercises. which were based on random topics, and I found this little essay.


I would have to sit down and concentrate on my whole life time memory bank to come up with an exact figure, but as best as I can tell without straining my brain, is, I’ve moved about fifty times plus a few, since I first showed up on this planet.  Moving is a traumatic experience at best.  It is only a small part of the constant of change that is an ongoing factor in the reality of my cosmos.

You would think that after the first two dozen times a person would get used to it as a way of life.  Wrong!!!  I will never get used to it.  That is why I will never move willingly, or of my own free-will and choice again.  I plan to stay right here in Cache Valley, Logan, Utah, at 1284 Eastridge Circle, until they come and get me, or the Lord comes to rule and reign on this earth.  Whichever comes first. Maybe when the Lord comes He’ll say, “You’ve moved enough.  If you want to you can stay right where you are.

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, well that’s not exactly true either.  If you can define moss as memories, friends, and a great plethora of good and bad experiences, then I have plenty of moss on this old rolling stone.  Now I’m going to settle down and spread it out around this new place I’ve found, and I hope it will do some of my friends and neighbors some good.

In all the moves that I have made in the past, I never remember being as calm about it before.  This move seems right for Marjie and I.  Marjie as usual was the prime motivator behind the change.  She has not moved as many times as I have, and I keep trying to tell her she can’t catch up until after I die.  We found the perfect home at the perfect location, for the right price, at the right time.  What more can we ask?  We put it into the Lord’s hands and He helped us.

Most people when they think of moving, believe they will be losing old friends, and making new ones.  They think all of the great things that are associated with the old situation or place will be lost, or the bad things that happened there will disappear.   All of these assumptions are incorrect.  When you make a friend, a true friend, that feeling of friendship, if it is real, will never fade away.  When you think of that person you will always feel special about the true friend.  Even if you never actually see that person again while you or they are alive, if the person is truly a friend then the friendship bond will last forever.  The same goes for the experiences we have, they will always be there in our minds to guide us and strengthen us.  Even the bad experiences can strengthen us if we will analyze them and learn from them.  So then is moving good, or bad?  I think it depends on the individual.

Some people spend an entire lifetime in one small locality.  Others are constantly changing locations, and situations.  For some moving is as natural as breathing, others move out of necessity or changing needs.  Whatever the reason for moving, it can be either good or bad, depending on the attitude and perspective of the mover.  I personally am torn, I sometimes envy people who have spent a lifetime in one town at one to three addresses.  Then when I get to know these people, I sometimes feel sorry for them because of their limited perspective, and lack of in-depth perception of what the real world is all about. Change is good as long as it is not destructive of what is good where it occurs

Whether you’re solid like a rock or rolling like a stone in the riverbed of life just be happy and try to spread the good to all you encounter.


About bmwillson1936

I was born with writer's DNA, but it receded to the depths of my soul when I encountered the bitter facts of life.Much later after five decades of living I was assigned by my employer to write legal conveyances of land documents, and this drew out my natural love of words and putting ideas into the paper prison. Thus began my quest for publication.The road was long and bumpy, with occasional pitfalls, but I'm staying on until I can no longer put words on the paper that make any sense or serve no valid purpose. Here's to rebirth and the celebration of writing
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One Response to MOVING!!

  1. carmen says:

    Hope you will settle down for awhile! Moving is such a lot of work. I’ve moved so many times in my life that I have run out of fingers and toes to count!

    Happy New Year and stay put for 2015!
    God bless you and your family!

    ❤ carmen


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