Excused Absence

Fellow Bloggers, I apologize for being AWOL I had  surgery on my low back (L1 -L 5) eighteen days ago and then the fifty-four staples removed ten days ago.  I haven’t been able to do much writing with all that going on, I haven’t been up to much. I am still recuperating, so I probably will be out of commission for a bit more. Happy Blogging to all my blogging friends.


About bmwillson1936

I was born with writer's DNA, but it receded to the depths of my soul when I encountered the bitter facts of life.Much later after five decades of living I was assigned by my employer to write legal conveyances of land documents, and this drew out my natural love of words and putting ideas into the paper prison. Thus began my quest for publication.The road was long and bumpy, with occasional pitfalls, but I'm staying on until I can no longer put words on the paper that make any sense or serve no valid purpose. Here's to rebirth and the celebration of writing
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5 Responses to Excused Absence

  1. agarrabrant says:

    Speedy Recovery and efficient healing!


  2. carmen says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this dear Bill! I do hope you are recovering and feeling better! I know how important our health is!

    Blessings and prayers!
    Your blogging friend,

    ❤ carmen


    • Thanks Carmen, I am starting to feel better. still having some pain, which makes it hard to do much of anything, but I think I might start to contribute to this community again soon.


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