About Bill Willson

Bill Willson lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife Marjie, and Three adorable Shih Tzus named Cherie, Sera, and Kizzy. All of their children, three girls and a boy, are grown and on their own. The girls are all happily married with a total of 17 children and are either about to become or already are grandmothers.Bill and Marjie both grew up in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay area.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Bill joined the Navy and went to Surveyor’s School. After his four year hitch in the Navy he worked out of the Operating Engineers Local 3 in Oakland California, for 13 years as a Land Surveying Technician, and successfully worked his way up to Chief of Party. Then he went to work for P.G.&E. Co. where he spent the next 21 years. Starting out in General Construction, he eventually landed a job in the Corporate Headquarters, Land Department. There he worked as a Land Engineering Computer, a Computer Aided Land Mapper, and a Document Writer. He spent the last ten years of his career in this last position. As a Document Writer Bill learned to love words and writing.

While writing documents he began to write as a hobby with the idea of writing professionally when he retired. P.G.&E. Co. gave him this opportunity a little sooner than he anticipated. Bill was offered early retirement in 1993. He grabbed the chance and has been pursuing the writer’s quest ever since.

Soon after retirement Bill spent several months as a freelance journalist for a small weekly newspaper in central Utah, where he and his wife moved early in 1994, to be closer to their children and grandchildren. He soon tired of the politics of newspaper writing, although while with the Mount Pleasant Pyramid, he earned his own byline, and managed to get five or six articles published each week. He decided he wanted to try for a degree in English to get a better foundation for serious writing.

Bill started college in January 1995 and earned his AA, cum laude, in 18 months, graduating from Snow College in June 1996. After leaving Snow, Bill’s hunger for education was still not satiated, he returned to college and finally earned a BS at Utah State University in December 2001, also cum laude.

Bill writes fiction, nonfiction, family history, essays, poetry, articles, and opinions. He has been bublished in a Literary Journal, newspapers, and an Anthology. He is currently working on a novel. His first book, “You Just Might be a Writer” is about the characteristics, psyche, and idiosyncrasies of writers in denial and is available at Amazon. Bill was a member of the League of Utah Writers for two years, and served as the Cache Valley Chapter’s president for fifteen months.

Bill and his wife enjoy fishing, camping, travel, movies, reading and gardening. During their 50 plus years of marriage they have been active in church and have done an extensive amount of community service, including Boy Scouts, girls camp, and work with youth at risk. They are both rertired now, and they completed a two year Proselyting mission to Mexico City, Mexico from 2007 to 2009.


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