My Published Writing

You Just Might Be A Writer

If you’ve ever done any writing, other than notes to teachers or letters to home, then You may have an author locked within. If you love to write, but say, “it’s not for publication only for self expression.” Even if it is just your diary that you are passionate about; this may be just the book you are looking for. It is a book written with you in mind. This book exposes the mindset, psyche, and idiosyncratic behavior of a subset of society known as closet writers or wannabe authors. This book will help you navigate the rocky mine strewn road to publication. Google it, and buy it at Amazon.

The Goblet of life

This is a book of poems was written by a novice poet, who is an author obsessed with the meaning of life. The poetry takes the many facets of life and places them in a goblet for the reader to savor and enjoy, until a new appreciation for each of the many flavors of living the fullness of life bursts upon the pallet and brings the reader to a deeper appreciation for living.


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